Risk Factors and What You Can Do

Risk Factors and What You Can Do.

Unfortunately, as with any medical procedure, having a dental implant procedure can involve some risks, especially for those with the following risk factors. Fortunately, almost all patients who would like to have dental implants can, however, they may have to modify behavior or curb some habits.

What are the risk factors?

  • Uncontrolled Diabetes
  • Heavy Smoking
  • Hemophilia
  • Age
  • Pregnancy

Let’s discuss options for anyone who may fall into one of the risk factor categories listed above.

Dental problems are common for many diabetics, including tooth decay, repetitive infections of the mouth, gum disease, and dry mouth. These problems can lead to an implant failure. The good news is that controlling your diabetes can increase your chances of a successful implant procedure. Tips for getting your diabetes under control can include following a healthy diet, take the appropriate medications regularly, and consulting with your doctor. The good news is that we are able to successfully treat many diabetics who have control over diabetes.

Are you a smoker? If you are, you may already know smoking will decrease blood flow to your extremities and will slow the very important healing process. If you smoke and want to have a successful implant procedure it is imperative that you at least curb your habit. Light smokers can still experience great results with implants. However, heavy smokers must be willing and able to reduce the amount they smoke in order to enjoy all of the benefits of dental implants.

Hemophilia, a blood disorder which causes uncontrollable bleeding, may make getting dental implants seem impossible. At one time, this may have been the case. But, with advances in medicine and new medications aimed at controlling hemophilia a successful implant procedure is now possible. It is very important that you discuss the decision to have dental implants with your physician prior to treatment.

Age, you should not let an advanced age hold you back from getting an implant procedure performed successfully. A person with no serious medical problems can have dental implants regardless of age. As a matter of fact, we have treated patients in their late 80s and 90s. Our oldest patient was 95 years old. Do not let age stop you from getting the implants you want and need.

Pregnancy in and of itself, is not a risk factor for dental implants. However, as many know, anesthetics, pain medications, x-rays and scans can be harmful to a growing fetus. Therefore we recommend that a pregnant woman wait to have implants or other invasive procedures until after the birth of the baby.

Don’t let a bad habit, controllable medical condition, or even age be a hinderance to replacing your problematic dentures or missing teeth with implants. Like all medical procedures, everything has a risk and there is no 100% guarantee. But, our dental implants have an impressive 97+% success rate. This percentage is much higher than many other medical procedures.

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