How the One Day Smile Solution Changed Patsy Leach’s Life

You need to watch Patsy’s story below. Like many prospective patients we speak with, Patsy had been told dental implants were impossible. As you’ll see when you watch, I was able to offer the treatment she’d been denied in other offices, and she is thrilled!

If you would like to investigate your options for restoring your smile all in one place, all in one day, please contact our office at (888) 469-3982 to schedule your Dental Implant Roadmap. Make sure to ask for Jonnetta or Jana when you call.

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Dr. Ronald L. Receveur, DDS

What Is The Dental Implant Roadmap?

These are something I love doing and are sessions that offer a lot of value to my prospective patients. Primarily because the focus of the Session is helping you determine the various options you have for restoring your beautiful smile!

During the session, I will exam your teeth, take some digital photos, perform a CAT Scan and then evaluate if dental implants make sense for you. I’ll also offer you various implant choices and my recommendation on which one I feel would be the best fit for you.

I call this a “Dental Implant Roadmap,” because by the end of the session, you will walk out of my office with a clear picture of how you can solve your challenges for good. You’ll know exactly how to move forward. And you won’t have to wait weeks to get that information, because I have everything required to give it all to you on your very first visit!

Now just to be clear… This type of service is not something you’re going to be able to find in many places. Without the in house CAT Scan equipment, your first visit with an implant dentist isn’t going to tell you much.

Because without the CAT Scan, there’s simply no way to know which dental implants are right for you—or if they are a good decision at all.

While the fee for the Dental Implant Roadmap is not expensive, it is also not free. In fact, should all of the services you receive during your visit be itemized individually, the fee would be well over $400.

Instead, I offer the Dental Implant Roadmap to all prospective patients for only $287. That includes the fee for the CAT Scan.

I invite you to contact my office to schedule your Dental Implant Roadmap. Remember, there is no catch, no obligation and no fine print of any kind.

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Get Dr. Receveur's New Book - Teeth for Life: FREE!

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