Oral Sedation

If you are a little scared or anxious, but would like to know what is going on around you while having dental work done, Oral Sedation may be the answer for you. With Oral Sedation you generally swallow a medication or pill, such as lorazepam or triazolam, to relax you approximately an hour before your scheduled procedure.

These medications will help you relax and assist in easing any anxiety you may be feeling prior to your appointment and during your procedure. This can work well, if you are not extremely afraid of dental work.

With oral sedation, we are limited in what we can do if, during the procedure you decided you need more sedation. If you request a deeper sedation once treatment has begun, we can only grind another tablet of medication and sprinkle it under your tongue. It will be a minimum of 20 minutes before you will begin to feel any effects of the additional medication.

While sedated with an oral medication, you will be awake during treatment. The medication will simply cause you to be relaxed, drowsy, and less aware of your surroundings. Some patients do very well with this type of sedation. Of course, only you know yourself well enough to know if you can tolerate being lightly sedated during a dental procedure.

Oral medications can cause different reactions in different people. It makes the science of administering the medications more difficult. It also makes it tougher to gauge how a person will react during treatment. You must remember, these medications do not begin to take effect immediately. This factor makes it more difficult to deepen the level of sedation quickly once treatment has begun.

We have seen many people who have undergone Oral Sedation with other dentists and still had the negative effects of gagging or still experienced an acute awareness of what was going on around them. These people come to us requesting a deeper level of sedation. Dentists also refer patients to us for deeper sedation because of the unsatisfactory results of oral medications on the ability of the patient to tolerate a procedure comfortably.

Oral Sedation is not recommended for those who have an extreme fear, or phobia, of dental treatment. If you fall into this category, you will do better with a type of sedation which will enable you to fully relax and remember nothing of your procedure. IV Sedation is generally recommended if you have this type of fear.

We can give you the information to make an informed decision about the level of sedation you can achieve with our various methods. However, the decision about what you can tolerate is up to you. We will be more than happy to answer any questions you have about our sedation methods. We want your treatment to be a pleasant experience.

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