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The One Day Smile Solution with Dental Implants

Are you about to lose or already missing your upper or lower teeth? Or are you tired of holding back on eating, talking, laughing, and socializing when out with friends because you’re worried about the steadiness of your false teeth?

Do you want permanent teeth but think dentures are your only option? Think again.
Avoid all of these problems by getting the One Day Smile Solution instead. It’s the ideal solution if you want permanent teeth that look and feel as natural as possible. It’s also one of the most stable treatment choices.

What is the One Day Smile Solution?

The One Day Smile Solution is an innovation in the field of dentistry using four implants to support the immediate fitting of replacement teeth. It is the ideal solution for full upper or lower restorations. The treatment is simple. You can come into the clinic in the morning and leave the same afternoon with a beautiful and functional set of natural-looking teeth!

Conventional dentures are problematic – the adhesives are messy, appliances are ill fitting, and you have to deal with the constant possibility of them slipping. Traditional dentures also lead to bone deterioration, giving you wrinkles that make you look prematurely old. With the One Day Smile Solution, you may never have to worry about these things again.

What are the advantages of the One Day Smile Solution?

The advantages of the One Day Smile Solution extend beyond the physical level; they are also evident when it comes to your confidence and appearance. Here are some of the benefits you can look forward to:

Minimal recovery time
Far less invasive than older implant techniques
Bone grafting is not necessary for most patients
Stabilization of bone levels in the jaw
Allows you to eat what you want, when you want
No slippage because teeth are permanently affixed
Restoration or retention of your youthful profile
Long term results in just one day

The One Day Smile Solution might be the solution you need for the longest-lasting results, in the shortest amount of time, and with the least discomfort. Dr. Receveur traveled to Lisbon, Portugal to study under Dr. Malo, the innovator of this type of procedure. The One Day Smile Solution is substantially less expensive than other complete replacement solutions that use 6 or more implants. No more painful biting, slipping dentures, and “No More Living With Teeth In Your Pocket”. Call us today to learn more!