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Dr. Ronald L. Receveur

An Open Letter to Any Man or Woman
Suffering With Serious Dental Problems

I didn’t spend my childhood wanting to be a dentist. Instead, I spent many hours during those years sitting in the chairs of various dentists getting work done on my own teeth.

I tell you this so you understand one thing: I’ve been on the receiving end of more dental work than most people have over several lifetimes.

I was born with a congenitally missing tooth, associated with a partial cleft palate. Throughout my childhood, I wore an awful removable plastic partial to replace one of my front teeth. I’ve always known the feeling of having something cumbersome and ineffective in my mouth.

If Your Dental Issues Are Affecting Your Ability to Chew and Enjoy Your Food,

Please Understand I Know Exactly How You Feel

I know because I spent years eating with that partial in place. It completely took the enjoyment out of my meals. The fact is, I was able to chew much better without it, so I removed it whenever I ate at home. But doing that out in public wasn’t an option. I was just too embarrassed to do it in front of others.

Because of my dental experiences early in life, I became extremely interested in dental implants during dental school. The weird part is, dental implants weren’t something that was talked about much. I have no idea why. Because for me, and anyone who deals with missing or damaged teeth, they are pretty much an answer to prayer!

Why I Sought Out the World’s Best Dental Implant Experts

Now when I decide to do something, I’m not one of those people who does it half-heartedly. When I commit, I’m “all in.” That means I give it everything I’ve got and I don’t hold back.

So when I decided to become an expert in dental implants, I searched out the world’s best to provide my training.

I started with Nobel BioCare, the largest manufacturer of implants in the world. I studied their systems and prosthetics under Dr. Jack Hahn, a Cincinnati dentist who had placed over 30,000 implants.

The Midwest Implant Institute in Columbus, Ohio was the clear place to get the implant training I wanted, which was under the supervision of Dr. Duke Heller, the founder.

He’s placed 35,000 dental implants and is an expert and icon in the implantology field. He actually invented many of the instruments and techniques that are used today. Doctors fly to Columbus, Ohio from all over the world to train under Dr. Heller. And I’m grateful for the opportunity to work with a true implant legend right here “in my own backyard.”

Something You Need to Know About My “Credentials”

Over the years, I’ve invested an enormous amount of time, money and effort to develop my ability to restore my patients’ smiles no matter how serious the dental issue.

And that’s why my practice is the only dental practice in New Albany and Southern Indiana that is dedicated ONLY to Complex Rehabilitative dentistry, Dental Implants, Cosmetic dentistry and IV Sedation.

I’m committed to the idea that there are 3 “must have” items when it comes to the care of my patients:

First, it must be convenient. It’s a real inconvenience to have to run around to various doctors to restore your smile. Over the years, I’ve brought together everything required to restore your smile (including an in-house Galileos 3D CT Scan) without you ever having to go to another office!
Second, there can’t be pain. As a child, I endured more pain at the dentist than I would wish on my worst enemy. Pain is terrible and I’ve gone to great lengths to ensure that I can guarantee TRUE pain free dentistry. My certifications in I.V. Sedation allow me to completely guarantee my patients won’t feel pain.
Finally, it must be quick. Restoring your smile just isn’t as fun when it takes months of visits to the doctor. That’s why I created the One Day Smile Solution™, which can permanently restore your smile in as little as one day!

While I do have all of the education, certifications and ongoing advanced post-doctoral training (you can view an entire resume here) that you would expect, my experience is that those aren’t really the most important “credentials” you can have.

The most important credentials I have regarding my qualifications are the real life experiences and comments of the patients I’ve treated. These are real human beings who were dealing with serious dental problems.

Please take a moment and meet some of my patients by watching the video below. I am honored and privileged to be able to serve people like this:

Why I Don’t Know If I’m the Right Choice For You

While I am 110% committed to the well being of my patients, at this point, I really have no idea if what I do is the right fit for you.

To be frank, I choose my patients carefully. What I mean is that while I could treat just about anyone, I don’t think it’s right to move forward unless there’s a good fit.

To do that, I need a bit more information about your situation and what you’re dealing with.

So consider this your invitation to schedule something I call the Dental Implant Roadmap™. To get all the details about how that works, please visit this page.

I look forward to hearing from you soon…

All the Best!

Dr. Ronald L. Receveur, DDS