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How Much Pain will I have with Dental Implants?

How painful is it to get dental implants? Many of our patients tell us they have little pain following the procedure. When we are treating patients who are scared or anxious about their implant procedure we use IV Sedation. Many people do not take pain pills following treatment.

Our technique is a fantastic combination which uses both Oral and IV Sedation for the comfort of our patients both before and during the implant treatment. The night before treatment we give our patients a mild sedative to assist them in getting a good nights’ sleep. Healthy sleep the night before is something which we have found to be a vital part of doing well through surgery.

Before we begin your procedure, we will administer IV Sedation which will give you a deeper level of sedation. The combination of IV and oral medications will make you very comfortable for your treatment. The moderate level of anesthesia offered with IV Sedation will also offer more amnesia. You won’t remember a thing about your implant procedure!

With our combination of sedation methods, you will experience a deeper level of sedation. You will not feel any pain, hear anything, or smell or taste anything. Having you in a deeper state of sedation allows us to assure you of a high level of comfort.

With our IV Sedation, most of our patients tell us that they feel very little pain following the procedure and do not need pain pills stronger than Ibuprofen. Your new teeth will look and feel natural which will allow you to bite into your food with increased force. This will allow you to eat all of your favorite foods!

Implants will allow you to live more normally than dentures. You will not have to experience the messy adhesives or endure the pain associated by the pressure dentures place on your gums. You will not have to live with the pain that dentures can place on your gums.

As with any procedure, there may be some discomfort following the procedure, but recovery time is short. You may feel well enough to go to work the very next day.

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