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How Much Pain will I have with Dental Implants?

How painful is it to get dental implants?

Most of our patients tell us that they have very little pain after having Dental Implants in our office. We see many scared people, so we use a combination of Oral and IV Sedation to guarantee your comfort. Our patients remember nothing of their procedure, and many don’t take prescription pain pills afterward. Of course, we give a prescription for some pain medication to ensure good management of any pain you might have.

Our method of Oral & IV Sedation is a wonderful technique that combines the “best of both worlds” so that patients have complete comfort, sleep well the night before their procedure, and remember nothing of their treatment or procedure.

As with any procedure, there may be some discomfort afterward, but your recovery time is short. Most of our patients go to work the next day.

Your new teeth will look and feel natural, which will allow you to chew all the foods you’ve been missing out on, like nuts, steak, salads, and crunchy vegetables. You will enjoy all of your favorite foods again!

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