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New Albany Dental Implants

Chewing problems can be caused by bad teeth, missing teeth, or poor-fitting dentures. It can be impossible to enjoy your favorite foods with damaged teeth and diseased gums. Many denture wearers also complain of not being able to eat the foods they love and being restricted to a certain type of diet, not to mention the constant worry of losing their teeth in the middle of dinner or conversation.

If your teeth or dentures are affecting your diet and reducing your quality of life, it’s time to see New Albany implant dentist Dr. Receveur. His practice is unique among others in New Albany and Southern Indiana. It is dedicated ONLY to complex rehabilitative dentistry, dental Implants, cosmetic dentistry, and IV Sedation.

Whether it’s one missing tooth or a mouth in need of complex reconstruction, Dr. Receveur has the skills and expertise to bring back your chewing ability and make you feel better about yourself. We provide several implant solutions for missing teeth, including fixed permanent teeth, snap on teeth, the One Day Smile Solution, Teeth-in-a-Day, and mini implants.

Fixed and Removable Permanent Teeth

Dr. Receveur uses dental implants to anchor fixed or removable permanent teeth. The removable/Snap-On option is very affordable and popular. The teeth are secured by dental implants, but they can be removed easily. Fixed permanent teeth, on the other hand, are fastened permanently to the implants (only your dentist can remove them).

One type of fixed permanent teeth is the One Day Smile Solution. Only four implants are used to anchor a complete set of upper or lower teeth. This is one of our best options, and the most stable and secure. Dr. Receveur has extensive experience with this method and has received special training from Dr. Malo himself, the creator of this treatment.

Let your dentist in New Albany help you enjoy life to the fullest with beautiful, permanent teeth. Schedule a consultation today!

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Get Dr. Receveur's New Book - Teeth for Life: FREE!

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