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I have new teeth….Now what?

Following your procedure, our staff will go over the necessary post-op care and oral hygiene care at home. There is a short recovery time and returning to work the next day may even be possible. It is important to follow any instructions we provide to you. Once your implants have fully merged with the bone, the temporary teeth will be removed and your new, permanent teeth will be placed. This process should take no more than three months. Now that you’ve recovered, what’s next?

You have made an investment in your smile and the health of your mouth by choosing to have implants. Now, you must learn to care for the beautiful smile we have created. You must make the commitment to ensure your mouth and smile remain healthy and beautiful. We want to make sure you have the tools to succeed in the care of your implants. You will care for your new teeth in the same manner in which you care/cared for your natural teeth.

The most important aspect in the care of your new teeth is daily brushing. The best habit to develop is brushing in the morning, after each meal and before bed. Be sure to brush all of your teeth, natural, implant-supported permanent teeth, and implants. A clean mouth is the gateway to a healthy mouth.

Flossing is another great habit to develop if you have not already. Regular flossing will remove particles from between your teeth keeping this area of the gum as healthy and germ free as possible. Make sure you also floss the abutments from both the front and back.

We recommend one to two regular checkups each year. If you still have natural teeth, you need two visits per year. Many of our patients who have full implants visit us only once per year for preventative care. Make sure the dentist of your choice is prepared and trained to care for implants. Regular dental implements can scratch your titanium implants. We use Titanium instruments in order to gently clean around your implants. Plastic cleaning instruments, while acceptable, have a tendency to wear out more quickly than Titanium instruments.

Caring for your new implants will take a commitment from you, but it is a commitment that will lead to a long lasting healthy smile and mouth.

Don’t hesitate to call our office at any time if you have questions or concerns about your dental care before, during, or after your treatment.