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In-House CT Scan allows Immediate Patient Evaluation

Are you tired of running all over town, seeing multiple doctors just to find out your dental treatment options? You don’t have to do that any longer. We offer the Galileos 3D CAT Scan right here in our office so we can plan all of your treatment right away. No more visiting several doctors, or going to the hospital to get that scan. We can do it all right here in our New Albany, IN office.

Introducing a new treatment concept:


Mirroring models such as The Malo Clinic in Lisbon, Portugal and the Mayo Clinic, Dr. Ron Receveur provides an atmosphere where the clinical care and communication amongst doctors, lab technicians, and other care providers is maximized. Having his own In-House Lab, State-of-the-Art surgical suite onsite, and 3D CAT Scan has allowed Dr. Receveur to provide Complex Rehabilitative Dentistry, Dental Implants, Bone Grafting, Cosmetic Dentistry, Family & Preventive Dentistry, and IV Sedation all in one convenient location.

The Benefits of Receiving a CAT Scan

I have never placed a dental implant without a CAT Scan. Now, I know there are providers who will place an implant for you without a CAT Scan, but I know I can “see” where I want to place your implant better when I have a three-dimensional film to show me the shape and thickness of your jawbone. Why would you ever want to see “less” when you can see more? When I run into a doctor who does implants without a CAT Scan and I ask him how he does that, he will mumble something about the cost to the patient or that he’s been doing it that way for a long time. A CAT Scan unit in a dental office is a large financial investment. The accuracy that the scan gives me allows me to have a high level of confidence in my dental implants, thus being able to offer a Lifetime Warranty. Ask any provider you talk to if they offer any kind of warranty on their dental implants. That will tell you a lot.

The Galileos 3D CAT Scan will give us incredible detail, and the ability for me to give you all your options at your first visit. Being able to view your scan allows us to plan the placement of your implants prior to beginning any treatment with accuracy and precision.

Our CAT Scan is fast and very easy. Patients will either sit or stand in scan’s open-air chair, which is less frightening and much more comfortable than a traditional hospital CT scanner.

We pride ourselves in offering you the best in dental care and have traveled the world to train under the best of the best. All of this has enabled us to bring you the latest techniques with Dental Implants, IV Sedation, and Cosmetic Dentistry. With all of our technology and training, we are able to help you with painful dentures, even if you have been told there is no help to be had.

We Are Different Than Most Dental Offices:

  • We do all of your dental care right here in our New Albany, IN office – All in one location!
  • Many patients in other offices have to go to several doctors before figuring out what the overall treatment plan will be.
  • With a CAT Scan right here in our office, we can tell you what options you have right on the spot!
  • I personally place your dental implants and craft your beautiful new smile … to solve your missing teeth and denture problems.
  • IV Sedation allows me to usually place all of your dental implants in one visit, without sounds, pain, or smells. IV Sedation ENSURES your comfort and means Shorter Treatment Time!
  • We offer “Teeth-in-One-Day,” the One Day Smile Solution.
  • Lifetime Dental Implant Warranty on all of our dental implants.
  • When we quote you a fee for your treatment, “It includes everything!” (from start to finish).

All the Best!

Dr. Ronald L. Receveur, DDS