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In-House CT Scan allows Immediate Patient Evaluation

Are you tired of running all over town, seeing multiple doctors just to find out treatment options? You do not have to do that any longer. We offer the Galileos 3D CAT Scan right here in our office so we can plan all of your treatment right away. No more visiting several doctors, no more waiting on appointment availability. We do it all right here.

The Galileos 3D CAT Scan will give us incredible detail of the anatomy of your mouth. By having this detail, we are able to place your implants with accuracy and precision. We will view your neck, jaws, head, and airway on our computer. Being able to view this we can plan placement of your implants prior to beginning any treatment.

The Galileos CAT Scan has enabled us to give you all of your options at the very first visit. This is a huge advantage as it will give us the opportunity to have the information and results immediately at hand.

In addition to being able to plan your implant procedure more accurately, the Galileos CAT Scan has given us the ability to improve our diagnostic process. 3 Dimensional fils can find more tumors, abscessed teeth, and other abnormalities than more traditional dental x-rays. We are the only dental office in Southern Indiana to offer the convenience of the Galileos 3D CAT Scan to diagnose and treat.

Our CAT Scan will reduce the amount of radiation you receive. It is fast and very easy. Patients will sit in Scan’s open-air chair, which is less frightening and much more comfortable than a traditional hospital CT scanner. Aside from being less frightening sitting will help us see your posture and natural jaw position. With only 10% of the radiation and the comfort of an open-air chair, we see this as a great addition to our office. We are sure you will too when you realize your diagnostic test only took about 20 seconds and you did not have to drive all over town to be evaluated.

We can also use the Galileos 3D CAT Scan to evaluate you for snoring or sleep apnea. We will use the scan to identify any restriction or collapse of your airway. We can tell immediately if you qualify for the type of care we can provide to help people with sleep apnea and airway problems.

We pride ourselves in offering you the best in dental care and have traveled the world to train under the best of the best. All of this has enabled us to bring you the latest techniques Dental Implants, IV Sedation, and Cosmetic Dentistry has to offer. With all of our technology and training we are able to help the patient with painful dentures and even the ones who have been told there was no help to be had.

Call us today for your consultation. Don’t wait any longer to experience the best dentistry has to offer!