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How Do I Choose the Right Dentist for me?

Fear, research and the quest for exquisite dental care…

You are not alone, many people have a fear of dental procedures and sometimes dentists in general. This fear should never keep you from having quality care. Just remember, a healthy mouth can lead to an overall improved quality of life and healthier body.

It is our job to ensure you are comfortable and happy with your dental care. No matter how long and for what reason you have avoided necessary dental care, we will do everything in our power to ease your fears. You should never worry about a lecture, reprimand, or any negativity about your decision to wait for treatment. If a dentist wants to give you a lecture, then perhaps, this is not the right dentist for you.

We will work with you to develop a treatment plan which will both treat any dental problems you may be having and ease the fear of the dental procedures. Whether you need a simple procedure or a more complicated, in-depth treatment, we will explain in detail all of the steps up to and including follow-up. That’s right, we are with you every step of the way.

All diagnostic tests, procedures, and follow-up treatment are completed right here in our New Albany office. No more hopping from office to office and waiting on each doctor to consult each other before a treatment plan can be developed and begin. Most treatment can be completed in just 1-2 visits.

When it comes to dental care, it is important to be informed. Here are some useful tips to help you in your decision to pursue dental care from the right dentist for you.

  • Ask friends and family: They will be the most likely to give you their honest opinion of dental care they have received from a dentist you are considering.
  • Look for the website of the dentist. Examine it thoroughly.
  • Look for and read all testimonials. By law, testimonials must include a comprehensive sampling of all received.
  • View video testimonials. Does it seem forced or authentic?
  • If you can, talk to the dentist before hand. Do your personalities mesh? Can you work with him/her? Are you comfortable?
  • Create a list of any questions you may have regarding your treatment. Don’t be afraid to ask those questions. Any dentist worth his/her salt will answer honestly and without judgement.
  • Consider the warranty. Is it offered? How long? What terms?

These tips and any other research you can do, will only aid you in your quest for a healthier mouth.

It is time to stop being self-conscious about your smile and breath, put an end to painful chewing, avoiding certain foods altogether, and putting your body at risk for other health problems caused by an unhealthy mouth. We believe by going through the tips listed above, you will find that our office offers the dental care you need in a way that is desirable to you. Call us today to discover the smile that lives within.