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Zirconium Bridges Give You A More Natural Look

A dental bridge is a device that attaches to existing teeth in your mouth. True to its name, a bridge is a permanent prosthesis that fills in the gaps between missing teeth with custom-fit crowns. You probably already have a basic understanding of how a bridge works, but did you know the technology behind the dental bridge has improved greatly over the years?

At New Albany Dental Implants, we use the highest quality zirconium bridges to ensure a better fit and more natural look for patients.

Bridging the gap
Zirconium bridges are made out of zirconium oxide and are compatible with our bodies. There is minimal tooth reduction required during the procedure and there is no metal used. This is a great solution for patients who have negative reactions or allergies to metals used for traditional bridges. Speaking of that metal on traditional bridges, it can actually leave distracting black lines near the edge of your gums. Patients say the zirconium bridge also reduces sensitivity.

Before we create your bridge, we will discuss all of your treatments options. If you decide to receive a zirconium bridge, we will take X-rays of your teeth and create impressions of your mouth. Zirconium bridges may not be the best option for every patient in need of a dental bridge. The crowns used for the bridges can wear down over time and the procedure is more costly than a traditional bridge.

Like any dental work, please do not make your decision based entirely on the cost. The zirconium bridges are strong, stable and proven to be more aesthetically pleasing. If you would like to consider our zirconia bridge treatment, please call today and schedule a visit with our friendly and professional staff.