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Well Maintained Equipment = No Pain

Dentists use tiny instruments to work in the confined space that is your mouth. Of all tools dentists use, none other elicits a person’s fear than the dreaded drill. The hardiest marines dodge bullets like nobody’s business, but some quiver at the sight and distinctive sound of a high-powered drill. Not everyone knows it, but this tiny piece of technology can spin as fast as 800,000 revolutions per minute. In comparison, a hand-held construction drill can spin at only 4,400 revolutions per minute at its fastest speed—over 180 times slower.

Dentist drills are usually made of steel with a tungsten carbide coating or exclusively of tungsten carbide, a material three times stronger than steel. Drill bits may also be coated with diamond, the hardest material known to man. Diamond is used to penetrate the enamel or the teeth’s outer coating. If drill bits are dull, the patient will feel a lot of pain. Diamond-tipped bits are expensive, so some unscrupulous dentists keep costs down by using bits long after they are worn out.

Painless Dental Work

At New Albany Implants, Dr. Receveur and his highly-skilled team maintain equipment in tip-top condition. This means throwing out drill bits after the specified number of uses. Once worn, drill bits are replaced so a patient does not feel anything other than the lightness of the dentist’s hand. Patients who experience brand new drill bits are often pleasantly surprised. The entire procedure is virtually painless—it can even be enjoyable!

Are you terrified of the dentist? Do you postpone necessary dental work because of fear? Perhaps an early unpleasant experience in the dentist’s chair is still hounding you. Help is on the way—our clinic has years of experience handling patients with dental anxiety. Whether you need implants or bridges, Dr. Receveur ensures that your visit is as pleasant as possible. Visit our office or contact us today!