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We Make Dental Visits a 5 Star Experience

Let’s be honest, there are a lot of bad connotations associated with “dentist” or “dental visit”. So much so, that people are afraid of the dentist that they have never met or worked with. Some patients go years between their dental visits because they fear the dental office so much. We are here to stop this behavior. Going to the dentist is necessary, and it shouldn’t be a frightening experience for you. We have created a 5-Star experience for you here at New Albany Implants, and it’s available for you whenever you are ready to check us out!

You might be feeling suspicious, and we understand that, but we also believe that having a great dental experience is really up to you. We have created a wonderful environment of little to no pain, with wonderful people and amenities (that’s right, amenities!), but if you are determined to have a painful experience, you will. That’s the power of the human brain. However, if you are able to open your mind to the idea that a dental experience can be wonderful, you will have a fantastic experience. That’s our guarantee!

Let Us Prove It

As soon as you walk in our doors, you will see an empty (or nearly empty) waiting area. Our staff will immediately make you feel welcome and at ease. You will see us having fun at our jobs, which will help you feel relaxed. We will offer you some juice or coffee, a blanket, or a neck pillow to really help you feel at home. While you are waiting or having work done, we can offer you a DVD player or headphones so that you have something to focus on for a while.

We value you. If you believe nothing else from this blog, believe that sentence. We value you, and we want to help you reclaim your smile. We even go so far as to set a waiting room time limit. If you wait longer than fifteen minutes for your appointment, we’ll give you a $25 gift card or just credit the $25 to your account. Simple as that.

If you are still unsure, just give us a try! We would love to see you soon! Just contact us and let us show you what genuine care looks like!