We Can Fix Injuries And Tooth Trauma

Tooth trauma can come in many forms. We’ve seen patients who have been struck in the face during a sporting event, slipped on their way to work or bit into something too hard for their tooth. Unfortunately, objects that create tooth trauma don’t care how nice your teeth are. We’ve seen tooth trauma in patients who have long neglected their dental needs and in others who have practiced impeccable oral hygiene. The good news is that at New Albany Implants, we can treat your tooth trauma and return your smile.

Assessing Your Teeth
Teeth that suffer trauma can be completely knocked out, slightly shifted or show no visible signs of movement or damage. Whatever the case, it’s important to call our office if you suffer an oral injury. Not only can we replace completely dislodged teeth, we can X-ray the mouth to see if there is any nerve damage. Trauma sometimes damages the nerve of your tooth, which can cause an abscess to form at the root or your tooth. If an abscess is present, you may need root canal therapy and a crown.

For patients whose teeth have been completely dislodged, we have options to restore your smile. If the tooth is properly preserved and you visit our office immediately after the incident, there is a good chance we can save your natural tooth! For patients who are not so lucky, we recommend dental implants. A dental implant acts like a root and fuses to your jawbone. Once the implant is placed, we place a crown that resemble your natural tooth. The procedure can be completed in our office, and we can provide certain sedation options.

If you have had trauma, don’t wait around! Call us today and schedule a visit.

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Get Dr. Receveur's New Book - Teeth for Life: FREE!

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