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Understand Your Fears to Overcome Them

Finding someone you can trust to do your dental work can sometimes be a long journey. It can be especially long and difficult if you have had bad experiences with dentists in the past. Bad experiences lead to a lot of fear and distrust for many of our patients. We believe that once you understand those fears, you can overcome them, and we are the office to help you through that process.

If you watch a lot of television and movies, you probably think everyone is afraid of the dentist. You might even think everyone SHOULD be afraid of the dentist. Media often portrays the dental office as a place of torture with no way out. The dentist might as well have horns under his cap! If you pair this media experience with bad memories from your own dental experiences, you can come up with quite a nightmarish view of the dental office!

Build Understanding

This is where we try to begin with our patients. We can’t change what you’ve experienced in the past, and we can’t change what you see on the screens, but we can provide you with a positive environment where good things happen. If you are willing to understand that not all dental offices are bad, then you are ready for a new experience. Come see us!

Our office is gentle and carefree! We have a fantastic staff that will answer any and every question you might have. We offer you a fun and friendly environment where you will know exactly what to expect. If the change in environment isn’t enough to put you at ease, we can offer sedation to make you feel more comfortable during your procedure. We really are unlike any dental office you’ve ever experienced, and that’s a very good thing!

Coming to New Albany Implants will change your mind about dentistry. We can promise you that! Why else would we have patients driving several hours to come see us for their dental care? If you’ve had a bad experience that made you afraid, or if you’re just afraid, give us a call today. We are the dentist for you!