Three Ways to Prevent the Need of an Implant

It’s nice to know that there are dental implants available when you need them, but wouldn’t it be even better to prevent the need altogether? There are any number of reasons for a dental implant to be needed, but we’ve picked a few of the top reasons to show easily the loss of a tooth can be prevented. With a few measures of preventive care, you can have more luck keeping your natural teeth.

1) Wear a Mouthguard
One way you can protect your smile from a loss of teeth is by wearing a mouthguard whenever you are being active. Even riding a bike can pose a risk to your teeth. Take proper precautions, and invest is a custom mouthguard made by your general dentist.

2) Handle Your Bruxism
If you struggle with teeth grinding, it’s important that you take care of that habit early, before you have a chance to do permanent damage to your teeth. Relaxation methods or bite guards are often enough to stop the habit until you can find out the cause.

3) Maintain Routine Appointments
Nothing is better for the protection of your teeth than maintaining routine cleanings and exams. By keeping your teeth free of gum disease and deep decay, you will be looking at a long life with your smile.

We love dental implants, and we love what they can do for our patients who are in need, but we encourage you to take steps to prevent the need for an implant altogether. Nothing is better for you than maintaining your natural teeth. Contact us today for more tips about how to protect your teeth from the need of dental implants. We’d love to help you have a healthier mouth!

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