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The Unattractive Truth About Facial Collapse

Aging is a part of life. There should be no doubt in our minds that we will look different as we age, but that doesn’t mean we have to look worse! Many factors go into the aging process, and one of those factors is oral health. You see, oral health determines whether or not you get to maintain your natural teeth. For many of us, those teeth will fall away one by one until our smile starts to look more like a set of windows than a mouth full of healthy teeth. This loss of teeth then leads to other, more complicated issues.

Your teeth have roots that go deep into your gums to the jaw bone. The bone holds your teeth steady and secure. When a tooth is removed, the jaw bone’s job is complete, and the bone begins to lose density. It takes time, but with the loss of several teeth, your bone loses density even quicker. Even if you replace your teeth with dentures, there is no root to hold the jaw bone in place. Density loss continues.

Why Should I Care About Jaw Bone Density?

As your jaw bone disappears, you will start to notice other changes in your facial structure. Your lower lip will develop a crease just below it. Those laugh lines aren’t quite so funny any more as they multiply and deepen. Your lips will thin out and often have a pursed look. You cheeks will begin to sink into your mouth, and the whole lower half of your face will start to look saggy. We tend to accept this as the norm of the aging process, but it is actually symptomatic of the loss of teeth!

Now, you might not be in complete control over when or if your teeth will go, but you are in control over what you do about it! Rather than settling for restorations that just look decent, invest in your smile! Invest in dental implants that will maintain your bone density and maintain the beautiful look of your youthful face! Contact us today to find out more. Let us show you how bright and attractive your future can be!