The Truth About Sedation Dentistry

family dentistRecently, there has been a lot of hubbub about sedation and implant dentistry and sedation in dentistry in general. News groups are printing their fair share of sensationalist headlines, and without necessarily doing their research. That leaves patients with some very reasonable questions. What’s true and what’s not when it comes to family dentistry, cosmetic dental surgery, and implant procedures and sedation?

Myth: During Sedation Dentistry, You Are Out Cold
Nearly all patients believe that, if they opt for sedation, they will be asleep during the entire procedure, family dentists reveal. This just isn’t true. Most forms of sedation dentistry actually involve patients in a very heavy sedative state, but not asleep. Patients are almost always semi-conscious or awake, but they are unable to feel anything or experience pain. After the procedure — when the sedation wears off — you probably won’t remember much from your appointment.

Myth: Your Insurance Company Won’t Cover Sedation
Although it may vary by state and provider, the majority of insurance providers will pick up the costs of sedation dentistry. Sedation may be preferable for important procedures, like professional whitening (Americans spend $1.4 billion on tooth whitening per year) and fillings. Although enamel is the hardest surface on your body, it can wear away — and that may cause cavities and tooth sensitivity, i.e. things that need to be fixed by dental procedures and (sometimes) sedation dentistry.

Myth: Sedation Dentistry Is Used For Crazy Dental Surgeries Only
Just about everyone thinks that sedation is only used when family dentists or cosmetic dentists are about to perform treatments or procedures that are very serious or painful. That’s just not true. Sedation is often a tool to keep patients happy and help overcome dental anxiety. For that reason, it can be used with nearly every procedure if it makes patients more comfortable.

Even the 51% of cosmetic dental patients between the ages of 41 and 60 generally believe myths about implant and sedation dentistry. Remember, sedation can actually be fairly mild (depending on the procedure), and it can be used simply as a tool to keep you happy and at ease.

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