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The Perks Of Knowing Your Lab Technician

If you’ve ever had a crown or dental restoration placed, odds are you visited more than one dental office and then wore a temporary crown for weeks or even months. You probably asked yourself if there was an easier way. We don’t blame you. But lucky for you, there is a much easier way.

At New Albany Implants, our office includes an in-house milling station that allows us to create natural-looking and beautiful restorations in just one day! We’re not going to ask you to run around town from dental office to dental office. We want to provide you comfortable and comprehensive care and oversee your dental needs from start to finish.

Know Your Lab Technician
Earlier this year, we opened a 1,200-square-foot laboratory and added a lab technician to better accommodate our patient’s needs. We often see patients who have ill-fitting crowns or restorations. Ill-fitting restorations are dangerous because they can create tooth decay or even gum problems. Our office’s lab technician meets with patients in order to better understand how to create the perfect-fitting restoration. With our lab, we can provide denture relining, placement of partial restorations or fully restore your smile in just a few hours.

Our lab technicians are here to provide the best-fitting and most beautiful restorations. Call us today and schedule your appointment.