The Perfect Bridge is Made From Zirconium

Getting the best of anything means that it serves its purpose better than all competitors, it looks the best, and it is made from the best material. When it comes to dental bridges, only one can be the best, and that is the zirconium bridge. At New Albany Implants, we only use the best dental appliances to give you the dental work you need. There are three major reasons we love zirconium bridges.

Strength & Stability
These bridges are stronger than anything else on the market! The zirconium is a strong material that will protect your bridge from breaking or being damaged through every day chewing and speaking.


Most bridges used in general dentistry tend to stand out if they are visible when you smile. These bridges will blend in! They are translucent, which helps them match better. They won’t leave a black line across your gums, either.

Our number one concern is your safety. Other bridges can cause reactions in some patients who have metal allergies. They also lead to tooth sensitivity because the dentist has to remove so much tooth enamel to prepare the surrounding teeth. Zirconium bridges have no metal, and they don’t require as much preparation which causes less sensitivity.

Getting a dental bridge is an exciting way to restore your smile, but save yourself some time and money by avoiding the traditionally used bridges. Zirconium is, by far, the better material. Contact us today to set up an appointment to learn more about zirconium. We’d love to see you and help you get the restoration you’ve been wanting!

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Get Dr. Receveur's New Book - Teeth for Life: FREE!

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