The Pain Investment of Implants

It’s not uncommon to ask yourself if something uncomfortable is really worth the outcome. For example, on Saturday morning you might wonder if starting the coffee pot is really worth having to get out of bed. Is the possibility of a new friendship really worth the awkward conversation starter? Is sitting on the couch watching sports television worth the wrath of your wife when she comes home to find the chores unfinished? We do the same thing with pain investments, especially when it comes to dental care.

People ask us all the time if dental implants are going to hurt. How many days will I be laid up? What kind of pain killers will I have to take? Will I eat solid food for the next three weeks? Of course pain is relative, but the general consensus from our patients is that receiving dental implants is a completely comfortable procedure. Some of our patients report returning to work the following day! The pain investment for implants isn’t very high!

How We Manage It

You might be wondering how we could possibly manage to keep dental implants from being painful. There are two aspects to think about. First is our ability to plan perfect placement. We can look at your 3D CT scan and see exactly where to place to implant for maximum hold, but to also avoid places that would be sensitive. The second aspect is our sedation method. We are able to make you feel completely comfortable during your entire procedure, and that relaxation often carries over in the days following your procedure. A relaxed body feels less pain.

If you’ve been considering dental implants, but aren’t sure how much pain you are willing to invest for the outcome, we know that you’ll be pleased to find out that dental implants don’t require much investment at all! Contact us today for more details about the pain associated with dental implants. We are sure you’ll be shocked by the stories from our patients!

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