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The One Day Smile Solution

A lot of times we get stuck in a rut. We believe that there is only one way to accomplish a goal, and we do that one thing the way we’ve always known. There is no room for improvement or new ideas because we know what we are doing, and it’s the only option on our radar. Here’s some good news: When we know better, we do better. When it comes to your oral health, there might be better options for you. If you are looking at a complete restoration of your teeth, there is an option that is better than dentures: the One Day Smile Solution.

We know how it feels; it seems like dentures are just a part of life, kind of like needing training wheels on your first bicycle, or glasses when your vision becomes blurry. Every person needing new teeth goes to get a set of snappers, and that’s that. The truth is that dentures actually aren’t the best option for your smile or your long term oral health. Dentures cause bone loss in your jaw and cause your cheeks to become sunken in and lined with wrinkles. Your lips become pursed from holding teeth in their correct place. Many times, your body will not be getting the nutrients it needs without supplements because you have trouble eating the raw fruits and vegetables you once loved.

It’s time to consider the One Day Smile Solution for a complete restoration of your smile. The One Day Smile Solution simply means that all of the prosthetic teeth of one arch (tops or bottoms) will be placed using four implants. The One Day Smile Solution can be placed in one appointment, with prosthetics, so that you can go home and enjoy your favorite meal in the same day. Dr. Ron places every implant himself and backs it with a ten-year warranty! With proper care, your new smile will last you for the rest of your life.

Are you thinking that it all sounds too good to be true? Maybe you’d better stick with what you know. Goopy adhesives, slippery dentures, pain and embarrassment from your mouth. Or you could come see us! At New Albany Implants, we can have you in for a consultation and CT scan (under one roof!) and let you know all of your options within the hour. The One Day Smile Solution is just one option for a complete, permanent restoration of your smile.

So let us work with you! We’re looking forward to you call.