The Many Benefits Of Flossing Your Teeth

The best way to avoid gum disease and tooth decay is to brush and floss regularly. We almost all agree on the brushing recommendation, but somehow, the floss part goes in one ear and out the other for some of us.

It’s estimated that 20 percent of Americans do not floss their teeth at all! That’s an astonishing statistic we need to erase. So, let’s cut out the excuses and become flossing professionals! Flossing your teeth daily is a terrific way to avoid gum disease and remove plaque and bacteria that naturally build up on your teeth.

It Hurts To Floss
If you haven’t flossed in a while, chances are your gums will hurt or even bleed when you begin your floss routine again. The good thing is that your gums should become less sensitive to the floss within two weeks. If your gums continue to bleed after several weeks of flossing, consult our office, as you may have early signs of gum disease.

Crowded Teeth
Patients with teeth crowded often comment on how they have difficulty flossing. Having crowded teeth is even more of a reason to floss regularly. These patients might want to use waxed floss which easily glides between your teeth.

‘Food Never Gets Stuck Between My Teeth’
Maybe you are not getting large chunks of food stuck between your teeth, but there is more to consider than just food debris. Flossing doesn’t just remove food debris, it removes plaque and bacteria from our teeth. A buildup of plaque can cause tooth decay or gum disease. You should also consider that brushing your teeth only cleans 60 percent of your tooth’s surface. Floss can reach the other areas.

How do I floss?
Flossing is a learned technique that can be quick and simple. We recommend that you use an 18-inch piece of floss, wrap it around your finger and use your thumbs to push the floss between your teeth. It’s important to actually wrap the floss around you tooth and to not simply push the floss up and down. Be sure to floss every section of your mouth and use new pieces of floss as you go.

Flossing your teeth is just as important as regularly brushing your teeth. If you have issues or concerns about your oral health, call us today and schedule a visit.

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