Stop the Bleeding (of Your Wallet)!

Have you ever thought you had something fixed only to have it break down in front of you a few weeks/months later? It might be one of the most frustrating feelings in the world, actually. When it comes to a problem in your health that keeps recurring, we wouldn’t blame you if you started to go a touch crazy! That happens a lot as people age. A simple dental fix just doesn’t quite take care of the problem, and the end result is a bleeding wallet. A couple thousand dollars here, and a couple thousand dollars there really start to add up quickly!

Luckily there is a solution for you! Dental implants stop that bleeding! Don’t get us wrong, dental implants have their own price tag, but it’s one price tag. At New Albany Implants, we will give you a quote for your procedure and stand behind that quote! The price includes everything we would need to complete your procedure: labs, scans, sedation, materials, and the actual procedure. There are no hidden fees and no surprise bills. We will lay it all in front of you!

Is it Worth It?

Dental implants have a big price tag. We know it seems overwhelming, but consider those little procedures that just aren’t doing the job. Some people spend so much money on those ineffective procedures that they could have paid for dental implants and still had money left over! Plus, the dental implants are permanent. They have a 98+% success rate, and you could very well live the rest of your life without ever having an issue. That means that once it’s fixed, it is fixed.

Spending the rest of your life without a care in the world for your teeth would be amazing. You can’t really put a price tag on a healthy, confident smile. Contact us today to find out if dental implants are right for you! Stop your wallet’s bleeding, and come take care of your smile forever!

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Get Dr. Receveur's New Book - Teeth for Life: FREE!
Get Dr. Receveur's New Book - Teeth for Life: FREE!

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