Sparkling Facts and Stats About Teeth Whitening

Sparkling Facts and StatsAre you one of the 32% of Americans who are concerned about the appearance of their teeth? An estimated 74% of people in the United States believe that if they have a less-than-perfect smile, it will impact their chances at finding success in their chosen career. An astounding 99.7% say that a beautiful smile is an important social asset, crucial for making friends and finding a romantic connection.

Concern, Need for Perfect Smiles Drives the Cosmetic Dental Industry
Realizing just how important great teeth can be to a happy, healthy life, Americans have been investing heavily in cosmetic dentistry procedures over the last few years, specifically those that can restore the brilliance to their teeth. Teeth whitening procedures have increased by 300% over the last five years, making teeth whitening the most popular cosmetic procedure in the country.

An estimated 100 million people take advantage of teeth whitening treatments per year, hoping that cosmetic dentists’ ability to whiten teeth by as many as 10 shades will give them the leg up they’ve been looking for in their professional and personal lives. Subsequently, of the $100 billion Americans spend each year on dental care, $15 billion is put towards products and procedures for whitening teeth. Only $1.4 billion of that is spent on over-the-counter products, with the majority of Americans looking for an ivory invigoration from the pros. Professional teeth whitening, as Daily Finance writes, makes for a more expensive way to polish those pearly whites; however, since cosmetic dentists have infinitely greater knowledge and skill than can be garnered from the instructions on the side of a box, working with them is undoubtedly the smart choice.

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