Sometimes Technology Really Is Our Friend

Have you ever heard someone say, “Technology is our friend!” Maybe you love new gadgets, and you completely agree with them. Or maybe you’re like most people, and you get frustrated with technology more than you enjoy it. We love the possibilities that come with technological advances, especially when it comes to dental technology. We even bring some of it into our office to make your experience better.

Take our Galileos CT scanner, for example. This piece of technology is unheard of in most dental offices, yet we use it every day. Rather than sending our patients to get images in a foreign office, we maintain the ability to take quality, 3D images right here in the office in a matter of minutes. If that’s not technology reaching out a hand of friendship, we don’t know what is!

The Process

If you’ve had a CT scan done in a hospital, you are probably already thinking about lying down in a white machine and being uncomfortable. One of the great things about Galileos is that you can sit comfortably in a chair! The machine is much smaller than a hospital CT scanner. It works on an arm that will carry the scanner around your jaw area, snapping images all the way. You’ll be completely comfortable in an open air environment, and you’ll never have to leave the office!

Probably not all technology is worthy of friendship, but Galileos is. This machine allows us to speed and improve your dental care significantly. Contact us today, and we’ll set up a time for you to meet with Galileos. We promise that you’ll find lots of great qualities about this machine to share with your friends and family!

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Get Dr. Receveur's New Book - Teeth for Life: FREE!

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