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Sedation Dentistry: For Fears Beyond the Dentist

Americans aren’t going to the dentist when they need to go. This is very concerning, especially when you consider that the health of your mouth is directly related to the health of the rest of your body. We know that the number one reason patients avoid the dentist is to avoid the pain that comes along with the dentist, but this isn’t true for every patient. Some patients aren’t afraid of the pain, but of routine procedures that come along with it.

It’s an interesting problem to have, but it is a very real fear. A patient might not fear the pain of surgery, but the needle of the IV. Maybe the patient isn’t worried about the procedure itself, but of the sensations that he or she will feel, like the taste, or the sound of equipment. These patients offer a unique problem and should be treated with a unique solution.

Our Unique Solution

We understand fear at New Albany Implants. We understand all forms of fear because we see them every day. If you are afraid of needles, we understand that you will also need a lighter form of sedation to prepare you for the IV. If you are afraid of the sensations that go along with dental procedures, we understand that you will need to be asleep during your procedure. Whatever you fear, we are prepared to help you overcome that fear using our vast sedation options.

Other dentists say they can help, but they usually are not prepared for all sedation methods. Contact us at New Albany, and let us know exactly what you’re worried about. We will work with you to eliminate your fear and allow you to get the dentistry you need to be a more confident and healthy you! We look forward to getting your call soon!