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Save Your Gas Money, Come See Us

Do you ever feel like you’re running all over town for no reason? A list of errands that are all located in different parts of town (or in different towns, if you’re from our part of the world)! Not only is it annoying and frustrating, but it is a waste of gas money. Doctors can often add to that stress by sending you around town to get different tests and procedures done in different offices because they don’t have the resources to take care of it in their own office. Your time is much too valuable to spend it on a wild goose chase. Come see us at New Albany Implants and see what convenience looks like!

For dental procedures, a common test that needs to be done is a CAT scan. This scan will show the dentist your bones and teeth along with any abnormalities or growths that could be in your mouth. The scan itself is imperative, but the problem is how it comes about. Usually, a dentist will send you to the hospital to have this image taken. Hospitals require you to register, wait, move to another part of the building, wait, get in the uncomfortable scanner, wait, have the scan, wait, be walked out of the building (because you’ll never find your way out otherwise), and then wait for the images to make their way to the dentist.

Galileos: Your Knight in Shining Armor

Here enters New Albany Implant’s knight in shining armor: our Galileos 3D CT scanner. We are so proud of this machine and what it enables us to do! When you need a scan for us, we will simply walk you into the next room, let you sit comfortably in a seat while the Galileos moves around your head (without making you feel claustrophobic), look at the image and then discuss your options. No travel. Very little waiting. Complete convenience. We’ll even give you a coffee or juice while you wait!

There is a better way to do dental scans, and this is it. Not only will we see the things mentioned above, but we can also check on sleep apnea related issues. All with about 10% of the radiation you would receive in a regular hospital CT scanner. Contact us today to find out when you can set up an appointment! We look forward to seeing you soon!