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One-day Solution for Missing Teeth with the One Day Smile Solution

Losing teeth can be a traumatic and very saddening experience for adults. It can impede your daily activities like eating, talking, socializing, laughing, or even smiling. Unsteady false teeth or dentures are also a cause for concern.

Dentures are not the only solutions if you lost or are about to lose teeth. There are new and improved procedures to fill in the gaps, such as Snap-on Teeth, dental bridges, implants, mini-implants, and more. The One Day Smile Solution, a new dental treatment, is one of these solutions.

What is the One Day Smile Solution?

The One Day Smile Solution, a new kind of implant dentistry, is an innovative technique in cosmetic dentistry that allows you to receive a full arch of permanent teeth. What is amazing about this technique is dentists can replace the entire arch by relying on just four dental implants. Dentists usually complete this procedure in one day.

Who Can Benefit from the One Day Smile Solution?

This technique entails a simple bone grafting procedure. The patients who will benefit from this process include those who have severe bone loss and gum recession. They are also ideal solutions for loose dentures, failing bridgework, and unsteady crowns. You will need to consult with a dentist before he or she can consider you for the One Day Smile Solution.

What are the Advantages of the One Day Smile Solution?

This procedure has distinct advantages over older tooth loss solutions. They include:

  • Prevention of further bone loss and gum recession
  • Preventing hollow or sagging cheeks
  • Improvement of facial structure
  • Restores and improves mouth functions
  • Procedure has minimal recovery time
  • Very little pain and discomfort
  • Increases self-esteem and quality of life.

What makes the One Day Smile Solution Different?

This solution uses dental implant technology, which procedures such as mini-implants and implants also utilize. What makes the One Day Smile Solution unique is the fact that dentists only need four implants to support the bridge. This solution is also stable, feels comfortable, and looks just like a natural set of teeth.

To decide whether the One Day Smile Solution is the correct options for you, you need to visit your dentist for testing and consultation. For more information about this procedure, please visit our section about the One Day Smile Solution.