Living With the One Day Smile Solution

If you wear removable dentures, did you know there is a permanent way to get the smile you’ve always wanted while also fully restoring your chewing ability? It’s all possible with the One Day Smile Solution, a revolutionary restorative solution that requires minimal maintenance and greatly improves chewing.

For the One Day Smile Solution, our dental office uses four dental implants for each arch in your mouth to support your new teeth. There is nothing blocking off your palate like there is with traditional dentures, and at New Albany Implants, we have an unprecedented 10-year warranty on every implant we place.

After you have received the One Day Smile Solution, you’ll never have to be paranoid again about your dentures shifting while you eat. Your new teeth will be permanently fixed to your dental implants. Patients with removable dentures often comment about how nervous they are to eat in public because the devices slip around in their mouth. The One Day Smile Solution allows you to confidently eat the food you love without have to worrying about your teeth dislodging.

Low Maintenance
Because the One Day Smile Solution is permanent, there is no burden on the patient to remove the device for cleaning. Instead of having to take out your dentures and place them in a glass, patients can use a special type of floss for dental implants or water picks and mouthwash for day-to-day cleaning. It’s hardly different than caring for natural teeth!

Preserving Your Bone
This is one area implant-supported devices are vastly superior to nonimplant-supported dentures: Preserving your bone. Patients who have had their teeth pulled often lose a significant portion of their jawbone, which can cause drastic changes to a person’s facial features. We uses a series of titanium implants strategically placed around your mouth that fuse to your bone and help prevent any future bone deterioration.

If you’re ready for a quality alternative to removable dentures, call us today and schedule a consultation.

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Get Dr. Receveur's New Book - Teeth for Life: FREE!

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