Leave Your Embarrassment at the Door

People with stunning smiles normally aren’t the ones who come to see us. Think about that the next time you hesitate to call because you are worried about what we will think about the state of your mouth. You see, we know the feeling that you’re having. It’s incredibly scary to let someone look inside your mouth, let alone do work, especially if your smile is less than appealing. When you come to New Albany Implants, you can leave your embarrassment at the door, because you’re going to receive respect here.

Our highly trained staff is here to help. We listen, we care, and we offer you whatever you need to get the smile that you want. If you’re coming to us, it’s because you want an improvement, so that is what we’re going to do for you. You won’t receive a lecture, you won’t get sour looks, and you won’t be made to feel like a failure. You will be greeted by friendly faces, you will feel at home in our office, and you will walk out of our office with a happy, healthy smile.

The Alternative

There’s always an alternative to dental care. You can let you teeth continue to decay or break apart. No one is going to force you to change the way your smile looks, but this alternative isn’t a very happy one for you! We want you to feel confident when you laugh or smile for a picture, and we can help. Don’t settle for an embarrassing smile. Instead, let us take a look at it, and tell us what you’d like to see in the mirror when you grin.

Dental work is one of the most intimate types of health care. We know it takes a lot of trust to let us do our job, but we want you to know that we are trustworthy. Don’t let fear of embarrassment keep you at home with unhealthy teeth. Contact us today to set up an appointment, and get the smile of your dreams without ever feeling ashamed.

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Eat anything you want, Have the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted, and Feel Good about yourself! Call us now at (888) 469-3982 or make an appointment here!

Get Dr. Receveur's New Book - Teeth for Life: FREE!
Get Dr. Receveur's New Book - Teeth for Life: FREE!

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