Keeping Your Fangs Glistening For Halloween


Candy That Won’t Harm Your Halloween Fangs

Americans purchase over 600 million pounds of candy every time Halloween rolls around. That’s 600 million pounds of candy that pass through teeth and gums, often for the worst. But don’t reach for those granola bars and bagged veggies just yet; let’s be honest, most kids will just trade their trail mix and carrots for Snickers and Smarties — or just throw them out.

There are plenty of candies that don’t hurt your teeth, and some can even help! Here’s a guide to make sure your Halloween is sweet and healthy!

Halloween Candy to Avoid

Sweet Halloween treats like cake, candy corn and cookies are all high in sugar, which can greatly increase the risk of tooth decay in the future. Sugary, chewy candies can be even worse, and 57% of kids eat chewy candy on Halloween. These become stuck to teeth and gums, remaining inside the mouth for prolonged periods of time and wearing away at teeth.

Sour candies can actually eat right through teeth enamel. Though it may seem like a good practice to brush teeth after eating candy, brushing after eating sour candy isn’t a good idea. It can actually press acid across the surface of your teeth, increasing the rate of enamel erosion.

Also, the name “jawbreaker” shouldn’t be taken lightly. Those hard candies actually can cause teeth damage!

Halloween Candy Your Dentist will Love

Dry mouth allows plaque to build up on teeth and create cavities. Sugar-free lollipops and hard candies stimulate saliva, which is theorized to help prevent dry mouth. Sugar-free gum can fight cavities as well, increasing saliva production and dislodging food particles stuck in gums and teeth.

Powdery candy may be full of sugar, but it doesn’t cause significant damage to your teeth. Since it dissolves quickly, it doesn’t remain in contact with your teeth for as long as a stickier caramel would.

Lastly, dark chocolate is high in sugar as well, but it’s actually good for your heart and may even decrease blood pressure, leading to better overall health. Like any candy, however, it should be eaten in moderation.

Halloween doesn’t have to be the holiday that tooth-conscious parents dread. Steer your kids to the right candy and Halloween will remain fun and healthy for all of you!

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