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Keep Those Dentures in Place!

One of the worst feelings for a denture wearer is the feeling that things just aren’t fitting well. We know it’s frustrating because it means your prosthetic teeth just aren’t up to par. You need those teeth to help you chew, speak, and smile. What’s the point if the fit is loose and adjar all of the time? What’s even more frustrating is the fact that these may be relatively new dentures. You did everything you were supposed to do, but they still don’t function like teeth. You’ve looked into dental implants, but you might not have the money to invest, even with a payment plan. It seems like your options are running out, but at New Albany Implants, we have a solution for you! Mini dental implants (MDIs) can be used to stabilize your lower denture!

MDIs are a wonderful piece of dental work that will greatly increase your quality of life. Using an MDI to stabilize your lower denture is like having the best of both worlds! Your dentures will greatly increase chewing capacity and leave you much more satisfied. Your speaking will improve as well, because we will make sure your lower denture isn’t going anywhere!

MDIs are much like traditional implants, only smaller. An MDI has small titanium screws that go directly into the jaw bone, but these screws don’t require as much bone mass. Therefore, they can be used even if traditional implants cannot. The screws will bond with your bone, which will create a firm, stable placement. You will then be able to place your denture on the tops of the implants. This holds the denture in place which improves the way your teeth work.

Now, we know what you are thinking. This sounds great! Why don’t we do that for the top denture, too? Unfortunately, stabilizing the upper denture just doesn’t work as well as stabilizing the bottom. The success rates are not as high, and we would never want to suggest something that might not be a solid solution for your smile. However, by simply stabilizing the bottom denture, you will see an astounding improvement.

If your dentures drive you crazy, but you just can’t find the investment for dental implants, MDIs are our solution for you. We want you to be comfortable, and these implants will help you be much more at ease in your dentures. Give us a call at New Albany Implants, and we’ll give you all of your options in one appointment! We look forward to seeing you soon!