Is Diet Soda Bad For My Teeth?

There has been a lot of diet soda hatred floating around the internet over the past couple years. Some web stories even say diet soda will leave your teeth looking like that of a meth addict. We’d like to get the story straight so that you can choose your beverages with your teeth in mind. After all, your teeth are the first contact point for all food and beverage. Here’s what we know about diet soda.

First of all, diet soda has no sugar. Compared to regular soda, that’s a huge plus. Sugars from soda go everywhere in the crevices of your teeth and wreak havoc. However, the sugar isn’t really the primary concern when we discuss soda from a dental standpoint. Our concern is primarily the carbonic acid. Diet soda is slightly less acidic than regular soda, but it is still much more acidic than we’d like to see. The acid in soda is a very similar level to the acid in your stomach.

So… Can I Drink It?

All things in moderation are fine, but a much better option for you would be a glass of water or milk. The acid in soda is especially damaging when you sip on it all day every day, so choose water for the drink by your side. Save soda for meal time when your mouth is producing extra saliva to wash the acid off of your tooth surfaces. Diet soda doesn’t need to be banned from your fridge, but proceed with caution.

A healthy dental routine is the best way to protect yourself from tooth decay. Be sure to brush (twice) and floss (daily) each day. Think about your oral health before you grab that soda (diet or regular) and maybe choose the water bottle instead. Contact us today to discuss any other questions or concerns you might have about soda and it’s links with dental decay. We’d love to discuss it with you at your next appointment! See you soon!

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