I’m Afraid of the Pain!!

Investing in something that you’ve never experienced before is scary all around. When that investment involves a dentist adding titanium posts in your mouth, it gets a little bit scarier. How can you know what to expect? Won’t it hurt? We see a lot of our patients avoiding dental implants because they are afraid of the pain that could occur. We have some great news for you, dental implants are not incredibly painful! Especially if you use the One Day Smile Solution!

The first reason we know that this isn’t a horribly painful experience is because our patients tell us! We call our patients to check on them in the days after the procedure, and most are already back to work! We have a few patients who need to take over-the-counter pain killers, but other than that, things a good for our patients! Some even return to work the day after their procedure! With only four implants on each arch, we limit the amount of pain you would likely experience if every tooth had it’s own implant.

Sedation Is There

We use a combination of sedation methods to ensure that pain will be kept at bay. While we work, you will rest comfortably and completely relaxed. Many of our patients fall asleep! When your procedure is finished, you won’t remember what was going on in the room. These pieces of sedation work together to create an overall amazing experience! When you go home, you’ll feel the implants at first, but it won’t be an uncontrollable pain.

Don’t let fear of pain keep you from getting the smile of your dreams! You can be afraid, but you can still come in and have the work done! Contact us today to set up your appointment and find out more about how we ensure that your implant procedure will be completely comfortable!

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Get Dr. Receveur's New Book - Teeth for Life: FREE!

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