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How to Tell if a Dentist is Right for Your Family

family dentistAs you well know, finding a great family dentist is the key to not only protecting your family’s health, but to keeping their teeth beautiful and white for life. However, choosing a family dental care professional is not always easy. After all, according to statistics from IBIS World, there are over 167,000 dental practices in the United States. How can you choose from such a wide selection? By following our four simple tips to finding great family dentists, of course.

Four Tips for Choosing a New Family Dentist

  1. Contact Your State’s Dental Society
    As WebMD writes, checking with your state’s dental society is a great way to find a reputable dentist. They can inform you about the educational background of a dentist you’re considering and give you recommendations for great alternative choices. Further, if you have no idea what sort of options you have around you, your local dental society can give you a list of names and contact information, to make your search easier.
  2. Who will Your Insurance Cover?
    While high quality dental care is undoubtedly important, the cost of sedation dentistry, dental implants, and regular cleanings cannot be described as cheap. That’s why Delta Dental, an insurance agency, recommends you check with your insurance company before choosing a family dentist. Most insurance companies will only cover hygienic and certain cosmetic dental procedures performed by dentists within their networks or from a very selective list of local professionals.
  3. What Professional Organizations Do They Belong To?
    If you’re looking for a reputable family dentist, try looking for one with membership in the American Dental Association. As the ADA writes, members of this professional group are held to exacting standards of upholding the health of the public, scientific integrity, ethics, and professional conduct. In other words, you should think of ADA membership as a mark of quality.
  4. Ask Friends and Family for a Recommendation
    Of course, one of the best methods for finding a great family dentist is to simply ask friends and family for a recommendation. While you should certainly consider insurance coverage and professional affiliations, there are few better ways to find a dental professional you can trust than by asking loved ones. Not only can they steer you to a service that they really enjoy, they can also help you avoid those that aren’t worth your time or money.

Follow these tips to find a reputable family dentist for your family. Doing so, you can make sure you keep those pearly whites clean and healthy for years to come.