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How Painful Will This Be?

When dealing with anxious patients, we hear a lot of people wonder about the pain that they will feel during the implant procedure. Whether you are receiving one implant or an entire arch of implants, we can assure you that the pain will be minimal. We use a unique method of combining oral sedation with IV sedation to create a perfectly relaxed and comfortable state during the procedure. This method will even lessen the pain after the procedure.

But, wait, what about after? Won’t I be in horrible pain for weeks on end? Our patients tell us that there is very little pain afterward. Ibuprofen is enough to take care of any discomfort you might feel following the implant procedure. The fantastic news is that once that little bit of pain is gone, you won’t have to deal with it any more for the rest of your life!

The Rest of Your Life

After you walk away from us with your new smile, you will have a whole new life ahead of you. If you’ve come in for full-arch restoration, chances are pretty good that you’ve been through difficult dental procedures already. Maybe even several difficult procedures that just didn’t work, or only worked for a little while. Dental implants is a way to overcome that constant cycle of difficult dental visits by providing you with a permanent solution.

Come check it out for yourself! Contact us at New Albany Implants to set up your appointment. We’ll show you how to overcome the fear of pain in order to have the beautiful smile of your dreams! We look forward to seeing you soon!