Have You Bought into These Common Dental Healthcare Myths?

cosmetic dental proceduresA century ago, nearly half of all adults in North America had lost some or all of their teeth, but thanks to advances in general and cosmetic dental procedures, nowadays only 10% of adults above the age of 65 have lost any teeth. In the cases where teeth have been lost, readily available the One Day Smile Solution have been used as durable, lifelike replacements.

Just because there are types of cosmetic dental treatments that can replace damaged or missing teeth, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be more conscious of how we maintain our dental health. While it’s true that many of the people who lose their teeth today do so because of an unavoidable accident, many more lose teeth because they don’t practice sensible hygiene.

Of course, it’s not entirely their fault. Effective marketing campaigns coupled with readily available but inaccurate information on the internet has led many people to believe dental health care myths that actually harm their health. Here are three of the most common dental healthcare myths you should know about, to save yourself from the cost of professional teeth whitening, cosmetic dental implants, and other procedures.

Three Dental Healthcare Myths That Are Ruining Your Teeth

Diet Soda Won’t Erode Your Enamel

As Livestrong points out, too many people believe that diet soda is better for your teeth by virtue of the fact that it contains no real sugars. While it’s true that sugarless sodas won’t erode your teeth quite as quickly, the fact is that carbonic acid, the acid produced from carbonated beverages, will still have a deleterious effect on your dental health, regardless of whether your favorite soda is diet or not.

Unlike Coffee, Tea Won’t Stain Your Teeth

Few myths cause more people to head to their dentists for cosmetic dental procedures for teeth whitening than this one. Because coffee looks much darker than tea, many people assume that it’s more damaging to their teeth than tea. However, as Colgate suggests, tea contains more tannic compounds, a type of organic acid that gives tea its color. These tannins stain more quickly and more deeply than even the darkest cup of java.

You Can Never Brush Too Much

Generally speaking, according to WebMD, brushing your teeth at least twice a day for two or three minutes at a time can help ward off many cosmetic dental procedures. Once you start brushing your teeth more than that, you start doing more harm than good. Over-brushing can strip your teeth of vital enamel, cause your gums to recede, and lead to a host of other undesirable conditions. Don’t overdo it.

What other dental care myths have you heard about? Share your stories in the comments below!

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