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Handle Your Toothbrush With Care

The next time you brush your teeth – which should be later day – give your toothbrush a quick examination. If the bristles of your toothbrush are frayed and beginning to flatten out, it’s probably time for a replacement. You had a great run with that toothbrush, but let’s not get too attached to it. Changing out your toothbrush several times a year is a great way to be proactive about your oral hygiene.

At New Albany Implants, we advise patients to visit our office twice a year for checkups and cleanings. But between those visits, you’re entirely in control of your oral health. Here are some tips on how to protect your teeth and gums:

Caring for your toothbrush
According to the American Dental Association, you should brush your teeth twice a day for a full two minutes and change out your toothbrush once every three to four months. If your toothbrush is starting to show signs of wear and tear before then, swap it out earlier. This is important because a worn-out toothbrush is not effectively cleaning your teeth.

If your toothbrush has a while until its expiration date, be sure to rinse and store it in a dry and open location after each brushing. Storing your toothbrush in a closed container as opposed to an open space allows for the rapid growth of bacteria that could be harmful to your oral health. In addition to properly storing your toothbrush, never share your toothbrush. Sharing your toothbrush puts your at a greater risk of oral infection and other overall health conditions.

Our highly trained and professional staff can give you instructions on what areas in your mouth you’re missing while brushing. Call us today to schedule a cleaning or checkup.