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Giving you a Reason to Smile Again

Knowing that you have a complete set of teeth makes you very happy. Who can blame you? Thanks to your teeth, you can indulge on a delicious slice of pizza, draw the attention of your special someone, and win the admiration of your audience whenever you give a speech. Therefore, the moment a serious injury causes you to lose a good number of your teeth; your happiness turns into depression.

With some of your teeth missing, you start to lose your confidence. Rather than share a few stories and laughs with your friends on a Friday night, you choose to stay at home to avoid having to expose the empty spaces inside your mouth. You may also be unable to properly present an important business plan to your boss and colleagues since tooth loss makes it nearly impossible for you to speak clearly. Aside from that, you lose your natural tooth roots which stimulate your jawbone and prevent it from shrinking, resulting to you looking much older than you actually are.

Fortunately, titanium tooth roots known as teeth in a day implants can give you a reason to smile again. As the name suggests, teeth in a day implants allow you to obtain replacement teeth in only a single day. Your dentist just has to place four dental implants into your healthy jawbones and cover those implants with artificial teeth. The implants then permanently fuse to your jawbone, giving you replacement teeth that perfectly match your real teeth. Thus, you get to regain your confidence as well as your ability to communicate properly. And like your natural tooth roots, teeth in a day implants keep your jawbone from shrinking and preserve your youthful appearance by triggering jawbone stimulation.

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