Get a Nap and Dental Work With Sleep Sedation

What could be better than getting the dental care you need to make your mouth healthy and beautiful? How about getting the dental work you need while you take a nap? This is possible with sleep sedation at New Albany Implants! There is no pain and no fear in an appointment when you are asleep, and we are the only dentist in Southern Indiana that is licensed to practice sleep dentistry!

Other sedation methods are great for relaxing your body, but sleep sedation takes it one step further by making you so relaxed that you actually fall asleep! While you are asleep, you won’t hear, smell, or taste anything that is going on. You can wake up completely relaxed with all of your dental work complete! In fact, we can do even more dental work in a shorter amount of time using sleep sedation! That means fewer visits for you!

Sleep Sedation for Special Needs Patients

Special needs patients have an exceptionally difficult time at the dentist because they aren’t always aware of what is going on. Sometimes they misinterpret what is happening and react in anger, which puts everyone at risk for injury. For these patients, we recommend sleep sedation because it allows them to get dental work completed in the most peaceful way possible! You will feel better, too, knowing that your loved one is having a restful experience!

Sleep sedation is a great way to have dental work done without worrying over what is happening. If you have a phobia of the dentist, or if you know someone who has special needs but still needs dental work, consider giving us a call. You can contact us by phone or web. We can get you set up for an appointment and discuss all of your options with you!

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Get Dr. Receveur's New Book - Teeth for Life: FREE!

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