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Five Cures for Halitosis

Bad breath is no joke! Everyone gets it from time to time due to an odorous lunch or spicy meal. Halitosis (bad breath) shouldn’t be taking over your mouth, however. If you find yourself with bad breath more often than without, it’s time to become intentional about what you are doing to prevent the odor-causing bacteria from being in your mouth. Here are five ways to work on halitosis!

1. Dry Plenty of Water

The hydration will benefit your saliva production, which works to remove bacteria from your mouth!

2. Antibacterial Rinses
Avoid cosmetic rinses. They might taste better, but they don’t kill the bacteria that cause the bad breath! Instead, try an antiseptic rinse.

3. Sugar-Free Gum, Not Mints
Sugary mints just add to the long-term problem. Instead, grab a piece of sugar-free gum!

4. Brush Well
Brushing for two minutes each morning and each evening will help remove bacteria from your mouth, decreasing your risk of halitosis.

5. Floss, Floss, Floss
Brushing can’t do it all! Floss at least once a day, but if you are struggling with halitosis, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to floss after each meal.

Sometimes there are other underlying health problems that need to be addressed. If the 5 tips above can’t solve your bad breath, it’s definitely time to schedule an appointment! Contact us today to set up an appointment where we can get to the bottom of your halitosis!