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Do I Need to Replace One Tooth?

It’s just one tooth! You could understand if it was all of your teeth, but it’s just one, and you can’t even see it when you smile! This type of rationalization occurs all the time! One missing tooth isn’t a call to arms, but rather a show of character, right? Wrong! You might not care what you look like, but we guarantee someone else cares! We’ve put together a list of three reasons why you should care about one tooth!

1) Who’s to say it’s just going to be one?
One of the major concerns is a spread of disease. Generally, a tooth is lost because of decay or infection. If you don’t allow a dentist to go in and clean out the area, it is possible that the infection with spread.
2) Discomfort/Bruxism
A missing tooth can add a lot of discomfort to your mouth. It is much more likely that you will begin to grind your teeth while you sleep (bruxism) because there is no longer a comfortable bite. You also risk your remaining teeth moving into the empty space and causing an even worse bite.
3) Loss of Function
Depending on where in the mouth you have lost the tooth, you could experience different issues with a loss of function. Losing a big molar is going to hinder your ability to chew comfortably, while a tooth in front will make it more difficult to speak and smile.

One missing tooth can lead to a lot of different problems. It’s not ok to have a missing tooth and then do nothing to correct the problem! You need to come see us and get that tooth restored! We have a few different options to choose from. Call us today to find out more about our dental restoration solutions, and find one that fits your smile!