Dental Bridge vs. Dental Implants

We’re fortunate to live in a world that provides several solutions for dental issues like a missing tooth or multiple missing teeth. Not long ago, people with missing teeth would have had no other choice but to walk around with gaps in their smile or use unnatural-looking and uncomfortable materials in their mouth. Today, we can provide solutions that are comfortable and natural-looking.

At New Albany Implants, we commonly see patients with missing teeth, and those patients often ask about the difference between dental bridges and dental implants. Both can restore your smile, but let’s review a list of advantages and disadvantages about each procedure.

Dental bridges
A dental bridge is usually a one- to three-unit prosthesis that is installed inside your mouth to replace missing teeth. The bridge, which supported by your remaining teeth, is permanent and restores your chewing ability and smile, but it requires tooth reduction. To place a bridge over a missing tooth or teeth, the procedure requires tooth reduction of the two supporting teeth. Dentists have found that removing a portion of a tooth can lead to decay around the bridge and increase the risk for a root canal.

Dental implants
Dental implants have become a popular option for replacing missing teeth because there is no need to adjust your remaining teeth. Our office uses a titanium rod that acts as a root and fuses to your jawbone. Once the rod is properly fused to the bone, a process that takes about eight to 10 weeks, we then place a crown. We are so confident in our dental implants that every dental implant comes with a 10-year warranty!

Our office has had great success with both our bridges and dental implants. The key to this process is hearing all of your options and deciding which is the best fit for you. So, if you’re hoping to fix your smile with a dental bridge or dental implants, call us today.

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