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Deciding Between Oral Sedation and IV Sedation

Patients with dental anxiety, fear, or phobia can now kiss their worries goodbye thanks to sedation dentistry. At your local New Albany dental clinic, Dr. Ronald Receveur usually administers it via oral sedation or by way of a sedative pill that the patient takes an hour before his/her appointment to help him relax. But when the patient has a more severe case of dental anxiety, a deeper level of sedation may be needed.

Choosing Between Different Sedation Methods

For patients who are can manage their dental anxiety, a sedative pill of lorazepam or triazolam can instantly do the trick. But when a patient is so fearful that he/she would not like to have any recollection of their treatment after the procedure is done, an intravenous, or IV sedation may be the better way to go. Either way, the decision regarding which type of sedation method would be used rests on the patient’s preference.

Additionally, aside from these two options is sedation by way of nitrous oxide (laughing gas) which is administered through a small nose piece. It is recommended for short, uncomplicated procedures since its effects wears off within minutes after use. Although oral conscious sedation may give off a deeper level of sedation, it may prove to be more difficult to adjust compared to nitrous oxide.

Usually patients will first avail an oral conscious sedation but depending on their tolerance but upon their next appointment, may ask to be given IV sedation. Under IV sedation, the patient would feel no pain or sensitivity and won’t even notice the noise, tastes or smells around them. This is usually advised for a long treatment session.

So in deciding the type of sedation to avail, the patient must first consider:

  • His/her level of dental anxiety or fear
  • If he/she prefers to be conscious or unconscious during the treatment
  • His/her health history which should be discussed with the dentist
  • His/her preferred level of comfort while undergoing the procedure

These matters and more can be discussed with you personally by New Albany dentist Dr. Receveur at his clinic, New Albany Implants. Call 888 469-3982 now for an appointment.