The BIG Difference Between Implants and Dentures {PHOTO}

Our New Albany dental practice is at the forefront of dental technology and focuses on restoring damaged teeth or replace missing teeth. My practice is known for our dental implant solutions — whether we are replacing multiple teeth or one tooth.

I regularly work with edentulous patients — those without any teeth — who want to get rid of their awful dentures. Removable dentures will slide around in the mouth, making it difficult to eat the food you want or to smile with confidence.

A normal pair of dentures looks like this:

You can see an upper and lower denture. The upper denture covers the palate and relies on suction to stay in the mouth. The lower dentures poses the most problems for the patients. It slides around, even when they use adhesives.

Dentures don’t all have to be removable. We can secure dentures with dental implants. That can sometimes look like this:

Implant-supported dentures means more support and biting power. You can again eat whatever you want and finally have confidence in your smile. One way we help denture patients in by offering All-on-4 dental implants. This system uses dental implants for the upper and lower arch, and the final upper restoration leaves the palate open, allowing you to experience more tastes and sensations.

As you can see, they are several ways to replace missing teeth. I can help you decide what will work best for your smile. Call us today at (888) 469-3982 to schedule an in-depth consultation.

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