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The last time you visited your dentist, you were told you had a number of dental issues that needed to be treated as soon as possible. The problem is with typical dental offices, “soon as possible” might be weeks or even months. That’s time you will spend waiting around, possibly traveling from dental appointment to dental appointment. Of course, with that format, you risk making your condition much worse.

At New Albany Implants, we believe in fixing your dental issues as they arise. Our office offers a One Day Smile Solution that allows patients to receive comprehensive dental treatment in just one visit.

One Day Smile Solution
Our facility has a qualified and professional staff, along with state-of-the-art equipment that allows us to offer complex procedures like dental implants. Dr. Receveur is an expert in dental implants and has studied with dental implant specialists across the country. We are also one of only a few hundred dental offices that has a CT scanning machine. This machine allows us to see 3-D images of your mouth and plan out procedures.

One of the biggest factors of our One Day Smile Solution is our IV sedation dentistry. With IV sedation, we can complete a number of complicated procedures in just one visit. Patients who receive our IV sedation are more comfortable during the treatment and do not have to face the sights, sounds and smells of the procedures.

If you have multiple oral health needs, don’t think you have to plan several visits to the dentist. Get your problems fixed in one day at New Albany Implants. Call us today to schedule a consultation.

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Get Dr. Receveur's New Book - Teeth for Life: FREE!
Get Dr. Receveur's New Book - Teeth for Life: FREE!

Discover what you need to know to get your smile back in as little as one day... Without running around to several offices or doctors!

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