Are Manners To Blame For The Poor State of American Dental Health?

family dentistAccording to a study, 99% of U.S. men and women view pearly white teeth as an important asset in social situations, and nationwide, Americans shell out $1.4 billion on teeth whitening procedures and products every year. Even so, affordable cosmetic dentistry and even major surgeries are spiking in popularity — and improper dental care (e.g. not enough brushing and flossing) may be only partially to blame. What else comes into play?

Most people in modern American society walk around on eggshells, trying to markedly steer clear of saying or suggesting anything that is politically incorrect. Even some of the best cosmetic dentists are guilty of withholding information to be polite. Remember, the most caring family dentistry with the best family dentists may entail some hard truths. Here are just a few.

The “Healthy” Foods And Drinks You Give To Your Child Aren’t Healthy
Family dentists may generally agree, but only the most tactful (or perhaps the least tactful) will tell you: some foods and drinks that you may think are healthy are not, and they’re doing a number on your kids’ teeth to boot. For example, a good deal of parents proudly tell the dentist that they do not let their kids drink any soda, but they do let them have sports drinks and fruit juices. This is a problem. Fruit juices can actually contain more sugar than soda, and — unlike some sodas — they contain additional acids that can damage enamel and, ultimately, ruin your children’s teeth. More than one dentist has been known to describe apple juice as “acid soup,” and with good reason.

You Need To Stop Smoking. Period.
According to an Ohio State University study, dentists advised only 10% of patients to stop smoking (and some didn’t even bring it up at all!). Although it may seem like preaching — and it is — smoking can cause oral cancers in addition to a slew of other health problems. It is your dentist’s responsibility to tell you it’s best to stop.

Dentists and patients agree: the overall health and appearance of your teeth is important. In order to properly care for your teeth, however, you need to find a dentist who is willing to be 100% honest, and you need to be willing to listen to these truths and do something about them.

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