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The One Day Smile Solution Will Change Your Life

Is your life dependent on your dentures? Getting the right adhesives, remembering to clean them every day (on top of your usual oral hygiene), worrying about the fit, worrying about losing them, worrying about the dentures warping, and Heaven forbid you should ever forget them! These things are stressors for many of our patients before their procedure. Now that we have stepped in, our patients find that dental care is a breeze. There is no more worry because the One Day Smile Solution will change your life!

Let’s start with some basics. The One Day Smile Solution refers to an implant solution that allows Dr. Ron to place four implants (per jaw) rather than an implant for every tooth (much more painful!). He can then stabilize a few crowns for every implant instead of one crown per implant. What does that mean for you? The same great, stable solution without nearly as much pain or recovery time.

Remember our list?

Do you remember the list from the first paragraph of all the ways your dentures might be controlling your life? Imagine a life without those things. Imagine a life with fully-functioning prosthetic teeth without all of that stuff that causes stress or worry! Restoring your smile doesn’t have to cause so much trouble for you. It can be very simple and very fast at New Albany Implants.

Are you ready for the best dental restoration solution? If so, give us a call! Set up your appointment today, and we’ll be able to see you very soon. By the end of your first visit, you’ll know why we are the best in our field. By that point, you will have images of your mouth and every possible solution for your smile. We look forward to your call!