Affording Dental Care on a Fixed Income

Many of our patients are at a point in life where they are on a fixed income, which means that each month, they receive the same amount of money. Some patients worked so hard that they have plenty of money saved up for large expenses like dental implants, but other patients don’t have as much flexibility. When you are trying to get dental care on a fixed income, you sometimes need to be creative and open-minded to find a financial solution that will work best for you.

Office-Based Financial Assistance
We have a couple of things to offer from our dental office that could help you get your dental care. If you are able to pay your bill in full out of pocket, we will immediately remove 5% of your total cost. We also offer interest-free dental financing options, or we can help you set up something like a medical savings account, which will help you prepare for medical expenses.

Other Options
We do a lot of work with Care Credit, which is a special form of credit card that will allow you to pay for your dental care with reasonable interest. We also do work with Citi Health which has many options for the length of time you need to pay your dental fees. You might also ask any retirement organizations that you belong to (like AARP) about discounted dental insurance plans.

Creating space in your budget for a big upgrade in your mouth isn’t always easy, but getting that new smile is definitely worth the hassle! You also have to realize that a dental restoration like dental implants is the last big project you’ll ever need for your teeth. The investment is well worth it! Contact us today to learn more about financing options. We’d love to help you figure out what will work best for you!

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